• To excel in all fields of health care delivery, education and research.
  • To show compassion for all and to serve preferentially the poor, vulnerable and marginalized.
  • To make quality health care services available, affordable and accessable to all:
    • By providing free/subsidized treatment to poor and needy patients.
    • By striving to keep the cost of treatment at the minimum.
    • By designing and promoting health insurance schemes to ease the burden of cost of treatment.
    • By preparing the health care professionals to serve the health needs of medically underprivileged brethren.
    • By encouraging and enabling people from poor socio-economic backgrounds to take up health care education.
  • To promote health education, training and research
    • By developing human resources comprising of doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, support staff, administrators, social workers, chaplains and volunteer health workers.
    • By encouraging a multidisciplinary approach to health care.
    • By remaining in the forefront of the medical care through continuous update, relevant research and development activities in different branches of medical and related sciences.
    • By way of designing, implementing and organizing full-time or short-term programmes to technical as well as human skills of the health care professionals.
  • To promote human and Christian values in every sphere of health care delivery, medical education and research:
    • By upholding respect for life, form the moment of conception to its natural end.
    • By promoting a genuine feeling of compassion for the patients and their families as persons.
    • By facilitating spiritual assistance to everyone we serve, according to their faith, so that the experience of sickness and healing can be transformed into one of personal growth and development.
    • By promoting the message of love, moral values, non-violence and universal brotherhood.
    • By observing all ethical norms according to the teachings of the Church, professional bodies and just laws of the country.
    • By ensuring the adequate human and Christian formation of the students and staff.
    • By practicing and transmitting the Christian vision of care and compassion, in the world of commercialized health care.
    • By fostering a spirit of vocation to the healing ministry among the staff and the students.
    • By an exemplary steadfastness to principles and moral values among staff and students, so as to witness to a life of honest and integrity.
  • To develop structures to ensure community involvement and participation in the promotion of health and health care:
    • By promoting the community based curative services and prevention programmes like immunization, drive for environmental sanitation and safe drinking water, health education, counseling, behaviour change communication, changes in life-styles and community work.
    • By providing psycho-social support through counseling, and rehabilitation to individuals and families troubled with physical or mental ailments.
    • By conducting outreach programmes, seminars, awareness campaigns, etc in collaboration with self help groups and other community-based organizations.
    • By designing and promoting various audio-visual programmes, journals, leaflets, handouts, posters, and other relevant literature.
    • By empowering the common people to plan for their health and health care needs and access their health care rights.
  • To co-operate and collaborate with the government, other hospitals, medical colleges, universities, and other agencies to make health care accessible for all, in accordance with the teachings of the Church:
    • By providing supportive services to the nearby primary health care centers.
    • By promoting mutual exchange of medical research professionals between similar institutions of excellence.
  • To strive towards promoting holistic health, the well-being of whole person in a harmonious relationship with one another, one’s environment/nature and God.
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