The prime objective of Medical Records Department is to ensure effective Medical Record System of the Hospital. It is responsible to monitor the Medical Records (charts) in order to contain requisite data recorded in sequence of events from admission , past history, diagnosis test results, surgical and other procedures, medical prescription, administration of medicines, day to day progress, etc., etc., through discharge with summary; keep them under safe custody and instant retrieval as an when requested for various purposes such as :

  • Patient follow up
  • Education & Research
  • Medico legal purposes
  • Doctors reference, etc
  • Release of Patient files for patient care, education, research and legal purposes on appropriate authorization
  • Deficiency check, Assembling, Coding of diseases and operations.
  • Ensure Confidentiality of patient data.
  • Implementation of Medical Record Retention policy.
  • Reporting birth, deaths and notifiable diseases to Corporation / State health Authorities
  • Storage of Medico legal data liaison with police.
  • IP census and compilation of Hospital Statistics.
  • Providing data for mortality meeting.

We are conducting a two year diploma course in Medical Records Technology, recognized by the Christian Medical Association of India.

Faculty List
Sl.NoNameDesignationQualificationDate of Joining
1Mrs. Minu ThankachanTechnician - Medical Records DMRH01 February 2010
2Mrs. Niji JohnyTechnician - Medical Records DMRH01 February 2013
3Ms. Jain JoseTechnician - Medical Records DMRH04 February 2015
4Ms. Sruthi P STechnician - Medical Records DMRH08 August 2016
5Ms. Amrutha SanthoshTechnician - Medical Records DMRH10 August 2016
6Ms. Bincy BabuTechnician - Medical Records DMRH17 August 2016
7Mr. Siril ThomasTechnician - Medical Records DMRH06 February 2017
8Ms. Simi DavidTechnician - Medical Records DMRH10 February 2017
  • The Department aims at ensuring a complete, accurate and adequate data recording in medical record through a standing Medical Record Committee.
  • In order to assure the quality of medical records a system of audit is also contemplated.
  • Turn out best talents to tackle the medical recording techniques by concentrating in the training fields through existing educational programmes and other in- house continuing training programmes.
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