In what forms of payment can I make a donation?


We accept International Credit Cards, Indian Debit Cards, Indian Internet Banking, Cheques, Demand Draft, Money Orders or Direct Cash (depends on location). International users have the option to pay with PayPal™ for secure Payments. However, to get benefits under Indian Income Tax Act, all payments must be made by way of Cheque / Demand Draft only.

Where do you spend the money I donate? Can I select the purpose for which my donation is used?


Once you login, you get an option to select specific cases (patients) or a specific department of treatment to donate. You can either read the causes and donate specifically against them, or you can contribute to a general fund which will be donated to the needy. Either way, you get an option to see where your money is spent.

What treatments do you offer in your hospital?


Jubilee Mission Medical College and Research Institute is a super speciality multi-disciplinary hospital and offers Allopathic treatment for all diseases. Our most modern Laboratories assist Doctors in diagnosing the disease with utmost accuracy.

Can I make a donation for education or any other requirements than treatment?


No. We do not accept any forms of donations apart from the cost of treatment. We neither take any reponsibility of domiciliary expenses of the patients.