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List of ongoing research projects

1. Dr. Chithra Valsan, Microbiology Dept co investigator. ICMR Multicentre with AIIMS Molecular and epidemiological study of beta lactamase producing Gram Negative nosocomial pathogens in India.

2. Dr. Geomy G Chakkalakkudy, Psychiatry Dept, DBT \ INCRE Fellowship Hyperbaric oxygenation in treatment of alcohol dependence syndrome

3. Dr. Nithin Henry, Dept.of Lab Medicine & Immunohematology, Johnson & Johnson Ortho Clinic: Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Prevalence Among Blood Donor Population in South India

4. Dr. T.Govindanunni Dept of Cardiology supported by NGO Acute Coronary Syndrome Quality Improvement in Kerala (ACS-QUIK)

5. Dr. Alex George, JCMR & Dr. C V Anthrayose Ophthalmology Dept – Screening of ARMS 2 and HTRA 1 genes to find the prevalence and nature of Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD) Now institutional Applied to KSCSTE

6. Dr Lola Ramachandran, Gynaecology Dept & Ms. Pamala John, JCMR Institutional:Vitamin D deficiency in perimenopausal women and the effect of its supplementation

7. Lalu Krishna K N, Dept of Anatomy Ph. D programme. MAHER University, Chennai Genetic Studies in workers occupationally exposed to cement dust Guide: Dr S Ranjith. Co-guides: Dr PT Annamalai and Dr Kumudam M Unni

List of proposed research projects - Final sanction waited from funding agencies

1. Dr. Ullas Thankappan-JCMRDST Govt of India
Topic: Rabies Virus Infection

2. Dr. V. C. Manoj, Neonatology Dept.ICMR
Topic: Effects of Antenatal Administration of Magnesium Sulphate

3. Dr. Chithra Valsan-Microbiology Dept:ICMR
Topic: Microbiological data – a step towards formulation of antibiotic policy

4. Dr.M. Jayaraj, Emergency Medicine DeptICMR
Topic: National Trauma Registry

5. Dr. Aswath Kumar Gynaecology DeptNGO
Topic: Risk Assessment and Management of Vte in women at risk of thrombo embolism

6. Dr.Susheela Jacob Innah - Dept.of Lab Medicine & Immunohematology:ICMR
Topic: Role of Leucodepletion in Blood Transfusion

List of proposed research projects – submitted to funding agencies

1. Gynaecology, Radiology and Pathology depts. ICMR Topic: Correlation of placental pathology with prenatal ultrasound in growth restricted fetuses

2. Dr Sareena Gilvaz: Gynaecology DeptICMR Topic: Identification and classification of causes of stillbirth

3. Dr K Sunil: Endocrinology Dept: DST Govt of India (INNO INDIGO) with European Union
Topic: Prognostic Diagnosis of Diabetic Nephropathy

4. Dr John K Thomas JCMR & Dr S Ranjith, Anatomy Dept, JMMC & RI DST CSRI
Topic: Olfactory memory and modulation of hormonal secretion.

5. Dr. Alex Georgeof Christ College, Irinjalakuda - KSCSTE
Topic: Effect of Thymoquinone- on normal and cancerous human WBCs.

6. Dr Lola Ramachandran & Dr Neetha GeorgeICMR
Topic: Quality care in pregnancy and child birth

7. Dr. Nithin Henry- Dept.of Lab Medicine &Immunohematology KSCSTE
Topic: RBC phenotyping in South Indian Population

8. Dr. Alex George in collaboration withDr. Leyon Vargheseof Christ College, Irinjalakuda DBT
Topic: Telomere protection and length regulating proteins

List of Publications
  • Aboobacker Mohamed Rafi, Susheela Jacob Innah, and Basavarajegowda Abhishekh Perioperative normovolemic hemodilution in a case of leiomyomatous erythrocytosis Asian J of Transfusion Science. 2014. Vol . VII I (9) .137-138
  • Baburaj P.,Susheela Jacob Innah,anand P.B.and Aboobacker Mohamed Rafi. Monocytosis and hypogranulation of neutrophils as an early predictor of dengue infection. IMA, Kerala Med. Journal. Vol IV(4) March 2015
  • Alistair Kent, Prabhav Patil, Victor Davila, J Kevin Bailey, Christian Jones, David C Evans, Creagh T Boulger, Eric Adkins, Jayaraj M Balakrishnan, Sebastian Valiyaveedan, Sagar C Galwankar, David P Bahner, Stanislaw P Stawicki. Sonographic evaluation of intravascular volume status: Can internal jugular or femoral vein collapsibility be used in the absence of IVC visualization?. Annals of Thoracic Medicine (2015) 10(1):44-49 DOI:10.4103/1817-1737.146872 PMID:25593607
  • Sandhya G I. Study of Knowledge, Attitude and Acceptance of adolescent girls of 16-18 years towards reproductive health in Urban and Rural Schools of South Kerala. International Journal of Contemporary Medicine(2014) 2 (1) pp 95-98
  • Varghese P R. An epidemiological study on health status of cement workers. International Journal of Science & Research. (2014 0Vol. 3(10) PP 318-320
  • Varghese P R. Health risk in workers exposed to wet cement. International Journal of Research in Medical and Health Sciences.(2014) Vol 4 (5) PP 34-37
  • Varghese P R. Health risk assessment in immigrant construction workers in Kerala. Millennium Zoology ISSN. No 0973-1946 (2014) Vol 15(1) PP 41-43
  • Nithya Mohanan and Susheela Jacob Innah. A case of refractory ITP in pregnancy managed with Eltrombopag olamine Asian Journal of Transfusion Science, (Accepted) 2015
  • Supriya Adiody: Chest wall aspergillosis. Journal of Indian Med. Association (accepted).
  • Supriya Adiody, V.P.Gopinathan and Edwin George: 'Wegener's granulomatosis' Are we still Missing it?. Indian Journal of Chest Disease & Allied Sciences (in print).
  • George C Eldho, Chitralekha S, Padmakumar K. An Unusual Case of Poisoning by Jatropha curcas: A Case Summary. Journal of the Indian Society of Toxicology 2014.Vol 10(1) 49-50.
  • Bijoy Chirayath, N.Sriram, Chatlapelli Kishore . Anti-inflammatory activity of root and stem bark of Bauhinia variegate: Int J of Res in Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics. 2015 Vol4 (1). 49-52
  • Pradeoth Mukundan Korambayil , Prashanth Varkey Ambookan , Vinoth Kumar Dilliraj. Options for thumb revascularization: our experience and literature review. Plastic and aesthetic Research. 2014 Vol 1(1) 37-40
  • Bijoy Chirayath and N.Sriram. Antinociceptive activity of aqueous leaf extracts of Boussingaultia gracilis Int J allied Medical Sciences & Research. 2015 Vol 3 (1) 48-51
  • James T Antony. Psychiatrists need a Freud-chip in their psyche to be well-rounded. Indian Journal Of Psychiatry 2015 Vol 57 (10 4-8)
  • Vinoth Kumar Dilliraj and Pradeoth Korambayil Mukundan. Superiorly based V flap for inguinal soft tissue defect reconstruction. Indian journal of Plastic Surgery 2014 Vol 47 (3).474-475
  • Balike Krishna Praveen and Kallekkattu Dipu. Human tail and limb defects: A short tale of a long tail. Muller Journal Of Medical Science and Research. 2015 Vol 6(1) 92-94.DOI: 10.4103/0975-9727.146477
  • Anusha A M., S Ranjith and P T Annamala Correlation between Prostate Specific Antigen and Acid Phosphatase with Histopathological Findings in Various Prostatic Pathologies. International Journal of Medical Sciences. (2015) 6(2):1-6
  • Anusha A.M. & P.T Annamala : Morphometric Analysis of Endometrium in Patients with Menorrhagia.; International Journal of current Medical and Applied sciences ; 2015, 7(1), 54-58
  • Anusha A.M. and P.T Annamala. Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis: A Pathological Perspective. International Journal of Human Pathology and Research. 2015. 5(1): 1-10
  • Siju V Abraham, Vimal Krishnan S, Kassyap C K. An MI prescribed. (2014) Toxicology Letters. 229 Suppl pp S101.doi: 10.1016/j.toxlet.2014.06.372
  • Supriya Adiody, Gopinath V P, Sunil K Menon and Varghese P R . Outcome of Tuberculosis in patients with Diabetes Mellitus treated with the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme Regimen - A study from Kerala, South India PLOS ONE (accepted)
  • Pradeoth Mukundan, Siju V Abraham and Ajay A. A multidisciplinary approach with hyperbaric oxygenation to improve outcome in snake bite injuries.(2015) Toxicology International. Accepted
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